A Ragtime Feast: Forgotten Rags #3
Charles L. Johnson.

This CD audio features the Forgotten Masterpieces of Charles L. Johnson
 whose "Dill Pickles" was the first to sell of One Million copies!


Ragtime Feast Vol #3 Charles L. Johnson

A Ragtime Feast: Forgotten Rags #3
Charles L. Johnson
is an audio CD.


This is the latest CD audio product from Pro-Culture Editions Inc.

        We are proud to announce that our newest cd audio is now available.

        This is the third in our series dedicated to Forgotten Ragtime Masterpieces & we are proud to present 16 pieces by Charles L. Johnson, one of the most prolific composers of this genre.
        His “Dill Pickles”, 1907, was the first Ragtime piece to sell over one million copies of the sheet music.

        “Charles L. Johnson was born on December 3rd, 1876. He started composing very early in life for such publishing houses as J.W. Jenkins, who published his “Scandalous Thompson”, a Rag in the archaic Medley style in 1899. Johnson eventually became one of the most prolific Ragtime composers, although he did not limit himself to this genre. As far as his Rags are concerned, over thirty examples were written by this Kansas City denizen, penned either under his real name or under pseudonyms. Among the many pen names used, the most frequent was Raymond Birch. The use of pseudonyms was due to commercial concerns. He was afraid that the huge output composed under his real name would eventually dissuade potential buyers from purchasing his pieces, thinking they would all be too similar. He died on December 28, 1950.”

        The first cd in this series was dedicated to Charles Hunter & Tom Turpin, the second to Scott Joplin. Miguel Pineda-Van Gelder, the artist performing these pieces, has outdone himself on this one, the insert notes are exceptional analyses of each piece. Recorded in Paris, the quality is noticeable (“Applejack” is a treat for those who love fast Ragtime!). It is perfect for either listening to alone or for background ambiance at parties, especially 'retros'
 - over 64 minutes of pure Ragtime!

1. A Black Smoke (4:32)
2. Applejack (2:30)
3. Barber Pole Rag (4:13)
4. Blue Goose Rag (5:34)
5. Crazy Bone Rag (4:11)
6. Cum Bac Rag 3:44)
7. Dill Pickles (2:46)
8. Dixie Twilight (3:43)
9. Kissing Bug Rag (4:33)
10. Peek-A-Boo Rag
11. Pigeon Wing Rag (3:40)
12. Powder Rag (3:31)
13. Sneeky Peet (3:26)
14. Swanee Rag (5:55)
15. Sweetness (3:50)
16. With Fire and Sword (4:03)

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Sound Sample heard here is not on this CD audio but is included in our CD-ROM sound track on "Tin Pans, Rags & Grease Paint". 

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