A Ragtime Feast: Forgotten Rags #2
Scott Joplin.

This CD audio features the Forgotten Masterpieces of Scott Joplin!

A Ragtime Feast: Forgotten Rags #2
Scott Joplin
is an audio CD.

We are proud to present this CD audio - the second in our series on Forgotten Rags. It is dedicated entirely to the Forgotten Masterpieces of the King of Ragtime - Scott Joplin. Sixteen tracks with 62 minutes of music.

We are proud to present this second incursion into the field of audio, only slightly removed from our usual product, interactive books. The success of the volume dedicated to Tin Pan Alley publishers: "Tin Pans, Rags & Grease Paint", with its sound track of over 100 songs done by this artist encouraged us in this endeavor.

The very music of ragtime holds within it a key to understanding this entire period of American popular music and the culture that grew around it - New Orleans. Its syncopation is just one of the mysteries and fascinations that attract Ragtime fans today. Slightly out of step, each note reflects the birth of modern electrical technology, the gramophone in particular, always slightly out of step with reality. Far from being imperfect, this music is a technical challenge, equal to playing any contemporary classic for piano of the time, such as Rachmaninoff's works.

The titles are the following:

    1. Original Rags
    2. Scott Joplin's New Rag
    3. Nonpareil Rag
    4. Gladiolus Rag
    5. A Breeze from Alabama
    6. The Chrysantemum
    7. Silver Swan Rag
    8. Searchlight Rag

    9. Fig Leaf Rag
    10. Rose Leaf Rag
    11. Cleopha    
    12. Felicity Rag
    13. Kismet Rag
    14. Euphonic Sounds
    15. Country Club Rag
    16. Reflection Rag

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Sound Sample heard here is not on this CD audio but is included in our CDROM soundtrack on "Tin Pans, Rags & Grease Paint". 

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