Historic Tours: Washington, D.C.

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Historic Tours: Washington DC

This latest title from Pro-Culture Editions
is an interactive Historic Tour of Washington DC. Take a promenade into the Past with our Historic Tours CD-ROMs.

More than a picture book.
More than a video.

Visit Washington D.C. at the Turn of the Century.
March with General Pershing as he follows the caisson at Arlington Cemetery at the funeral of the Unknown Soldier of World War One.
Fly over the Capitol with the daredevil zeppelin pilots of the US Army blimp in the 1920s.
Rediscover one of the famous DC Circles that has now vanished, this one was built as part of the social housing projects of the early 20th century.

Easy to use, our software books require no installations on your hard drive. Just click and run from the CD-ROM.

Once opened, our book/program allows you to control your reading experience - a true combination of running a software program and reading a book.

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