Today in Acapulco:
 Simple Mexican Cookbook

We are proud to present our latest Multimedia title on Everyday Regional Cooking. 
This latest CD-Rom book is not only a "classical" recipe cardfile, it is also an Interactive Guide to Mexican cuisine.
Read not only the recipes but see how the dishes are prepared using our videos clips.
Our Tip Guides help the reader to see the dishes as they are prepared.

Author: Rosa Elena Caballero


The author of this second in our series of Everyday Regional Cookbooks is the owner and chef of Acapulco's "Mi Barquito" restaurant, overlooking the Pacific and Acapulco Bay. Drawing on over 25 years of cooking experience, Rosa Elena Caballero presents this Simply Mexican Cookbook, designed to render over 30 traditional Mexican dishes accessible to the amateur chef.

Each Cookbook has 3 sections:

1. Traditions of each regional
2. Recipe Card Files with images.
3. Cooking tips on video.

Along with all the Interactive Tools possible: Find function, Music, Video clips....

Coming Soon: TODAY IN SPAIN!



This is the second in our series of CD-Rom cookbooks dedicated to Everyday Regional Cuisine. These works add all the features of Multimedia to traditional cookbooks. New technologies allow us to include video clips and original songs from each country - this time, a Mexican "flavor" while you cook - all this as well as the traditional recipe card file. An innovation in cookbooks, this CD-ROM is an interactive lesson on Mexican traditional cooking. It is not only a recipe book but a tour of Acapulco Today. Several pages of text describe the seaside port and its history as well as the local life style - on the beach... Video clips include a tour of the Municipal Market and the Street market with its souvenirs of Acapulco. As you read each recipe in the Recipe Card section, you may pull up a short video clip of Rosa Elena preparing each dish. Another feature is the printed booklet that accompanies the CD-Rom. It can be used in the kitchen as a traditional recipe card file while you cook as it has a plastified cover.

A new way of "reading" is now possible through new technologies. Reading takes on a new, fuller dimension by combining text, sound and image in a truly interactive book - to be "read" on a computer. This "CD-ROM cookbook" presents a rare treat for the amateur chef, as well as a tour guide to the Mexican port city of Acapulco, combining both "software" and "cookbook", exceptional reading...

Easy to make. See the videos, see the how- to, and then try it yourself. 



  The easy to use recipe list allows user to search for a specific dish. Easy search with the FIND button.

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