Twenty-One Footprints on El Camino Real,
the California Missions

The story of the Hispanic Roots of California! 
Through text, music, image & video, follow the Latino contribution to an American state!

An Interactive Multimedia Book on CDrom

California Missions CDrom

At the same time the Founding Fathers were struggling for the Independence for the Thirteen colonies, and then, perfecting their new Constitution, sandal-footed Franciscan fathers were carving out a system of community life on the West Coast. Indeed, the Spanish Kings sought to thread a string of Crown jewels from Mexico City to their Philippine possessions.

The constant struggle of the poverty-vowed mission fathers to preserve their work and to protect the fragile title of these Indians possessions in California is a fascinating & passionate story,  one of intrigue, of murder, of betrayal - and of glory.

 The most complete multimedia work on the market, this interactive book explains in-depth the History of the Missions, from their Hispanic founding to the establishment of the State of California. The images show life on the Missions, past & present, as well as illustrating their novel function through detailed architectural sketches. All this, to a background of original songs and mission music.

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